Variable Data Printing - Now It’s Personal!

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Create highly personalized direct mail to a target list of recipients and demographics.
By tailoring your messages and graphics to suit the recipient, VDP technology delivers better response rates.

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Variable data print enables brands to not only market to prospects directly by using personal information, but also to target their emotions, interests, location, and so much more.

Get Personal

The importance of personalization and relevance for direct marketing efforts cannot be overstated. Personalizing the customer experience is the most important objective of a data-driven marketing strategy.

Use Data to Your Advantage

The 2016 DMA fact book states, “Successful” omni-channel marketing Requires more personalized and relevant brand experiences with consumers delivered at the right place and at the right time.

Leverage Multiple Channels

The use of personalized URLs and QR codes or Image Recognition is and excellent way to connect print with interactive online content. When coupled with the right offer and landing page, these easy to execute mechanisms can help generate leads and close sales.

Measure everything

Although marketers have used barcodes, redemption codes and other techniques to track response for years, adding personalization offers the ability to track and improve ROI at the individual level.


Looking for 100% better results?

Static Direct Mail
1% to 1.5%
Interactive Direct Mail
3% to 4%
Personalized Direct Mail
8% to 12%